Stepping Up summer retreat:

July 31st – August 13, 2022

Early bird price (fully paid by) June 30th, 2022: €1,950.EURO, $2,660.CDN, $2,095.USD, £1,660.GBP

We all yearn to be authentic; to tell the truth, speak from the heart and take our place in the world being as powerful and magnificent as we really are. In a safe and non threatening environment, ‘Stepping  Up’ invites you to look at all the areas in your life where you are living authentically and where you are living fearfully. Through a combination of deepening understanding of the teachings of a ACIM and experiential exercises, you will be guided and encouraged to find the uniqueness and passion of what you are. When we remember the “what we are” instead of the “who”, fear disappears and we are empowered to take action and live the lives we yearn for.

Your ‘special function’

‘Your special function’ is what truly inspires you and makes you authentic. It’s the unique reason that you are here. The first week of this retreat, in order to remember our function, we learn to let go of our masks and fears. We find that who we are is subordinate to what we are. When we remember what we are, our fear to live life full-out melts away.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson 

Love is calling us to action

In these current times, personal and spiritual growth are definitely important and no longer enough. The world is begging for love based action.

The second week of Stepping Up focuses on what ‘love taking action’ means and the practical contributions you can make in supporting positive and needed changes so that we, our children and our children’s children live meaningful and healthy lives.

Stepping Up is also designed to be relaxing and enjoyable. We will work in the mornings for half a day, take the afternoon off to do nothing, to swim, hike, sight see and then get back in the evenings to share thoughts about the day’s events.

And there’s time to relax too:

Stepping Up is also designed to be relaxing and enjoyable. We will work in the mornings for half a day, take the afternoon off to do nothing, to read, to swim, hike and then get back in the evenings to share thoughts about the day’s events. The weekend in between is free time for you to do whatever you want.The perfect opportunity to “chill” or see more of lovely France.

Location: Chateau de la Motte Henry, Arquenay, Pays de la Loire, France

Workshop fee:

€2,450.EURO, $3,800.CDN, $2,895.USD, £2,225.GBP

including all meals and accomodation

Early Registration:

Pay in full before June 30th, 2022:

€1,950.EURO, $2,660.CDN, $2,095.USD, £1,660.GBP

Registration after 10% downpayment, payment plan available.

The location

We have arranged for the use of a private chateau located close to Le Mans, Pays de la Loire, France. 1 hour, 20 minute high speed train to Paris, 150 km drive to Saint Malo. Surrounded by national parks, with fabulous hiking trails, rivers and lakes. Located between Paris and the Bay of Biscay, the chateau also features a 1/2 size Olympic swimming pool and a state of the art gym.


Just like everyone, we are seriously hoping any major threats of COVID will be part of the past by the time the workshop begins.
In order to travel to France, everyone will need either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. As we get closer to the time, we will keep you informed of what the French government requires.
Once on the property, we are something of a protected community and we will discuss what is required for everyone in the workshop to feel safe. The usual handwashing and hygiene rules will apply.

“This workshop changed my life. Not that I was feeling unhappy earlier, but the difference with the time afterwards was like day and night. Questions like ‘who or what am I?’, ‘what do I want and what is stopping me?’ and ‘where do I really live and where am I sabotaging myself?’ I answer totally different now that previously. This workshop brought me closer to myself. I experience my life differently, more authentic, happier and more meaningful”. – Steven Verbeek

– This was a week of enjoyment with a group of like-minded people in beautiful surroundings – like  one big party. The workshop was a series of beautiful exercises and in-depth processes that brought me closer to myself and being able to really be authentic. I heartily recommend this inward journey and unforgettable vacation. – Margo Arents

“What a beautiful journey – a journey in myself, to my core qualities, hitches, allergies and challenges. What is my passion and what do I want to bring to the world?”  –  Ine Tuerlings