Paul Goudsmit en Jane Tipping

‘Wake up, grow up, show up’

Paul and Jane have been teachers and students of A Course in Miracles for over 20 years. Both have led rich and interesting lives with Paul beginning his career as a taxi driver and Jane as a single mum struggling to make ends meet. They have experienced many adventures together and consistently come to the conclusion: there are no mistakes! There is a divine conspiracy at work all the time providing each of us with precisely the lessons we need in order to grow into the spiritual adults the world is begging for.

Beginning their work in Toronto, they moved to the Netherlands in 2011 and have now founded ICU School for Transpersonal Growth and Coaching: an accredited Coach training program with the International Coach Federation.

Using (experiential) practical, spiritually based, psychotherapeutic processes, we assist people, of all ages and walks of life to integrate their human and spiritual natures to become authentic, sensitive, passionate adult human beings.

Experiential approach

“All our work is intending to let people have their own experiences in their growth process. We work with the Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology and we are knowledgeable in Gestalt, Rogerian psychology, energetic work, constellations, bodywork, breathwork, NLP, Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ and  A Course in Miracles

Again and again we hear how effective and characteristic our approach is. It is because of the positive reactions and transformations of our participants and students that makes us wanting to keep doing this work so much.

But for our own growth we cannot wish for a better mirror, than enthusiastic fellow students on this beautiful and profound path of awakening. 

Our life motto: Walking our talk!”   

Paul and Jane

Our training philosophy
Our training philosophy is one that embraces learning by experiencing. The training encourages authenticity in its students and authenticity on the part of the instructors. There is a sound theoretical basis to what we do and thus the program is a balanced combination of didactic and interactive methods.

Our coaching philosophy
Our coaching philosophy is one of walking the talk and thus being a demonstration or model of authenticity. Coaching is an art that requires understanding of the ‘guide on the side’ not the ‘sage on the stage’. The client directs the process; the coach asks the questions. It is a non-directive and supportive activity geared towards the client discovering what is of importance to them, what true life balance means, what is needed for them to achieve their goals and carrying this through to action. We believe coaching is enhanced through adding a transpersonal or spiritual dimension.

“Personal growth is holy ground” John Whitmore

Jane Tipping –  co-director ICU

Jane Tipping is a ICF-certified coach and has a Masters in adult education. Until 2019 she was working for the University of Toronto where she set up and facilitated educational programs for about 30 years.  Additionally she is coaching, facilitating intensive workshops in personal growth and a long-range training for people who themselves are wanting to become a ICF certified transpersonal coach.

Jane was born and raised in England. Authenticity is of paramount importance to her, just as a healthy selfrespect. “Don’t waste your time thinking you’re not enough!” More about Jane as a transpersonal coach>

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Paul Goudsmit –  co-director ICU

Paul Goudsmit is a ICF-certified coach. In his unconventional career he was among other a cab driver, family counseler at Social Work in Vancouver and inspirational speaker. Together with his partner Jane Tipping he coaches, facilitates intensive workshops in personal growth and a long-range training for people who themselves are wanting to become a ICF certified transpersonal coach.

Paul grew up in Canada as a son of Dutch parents. He is passionate to help himself and others to accept the power of unconditional love and acceptance. More about Paul as  a transpersonal coach>

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Wilma Verbeek –  Administrative Assistant

Wilma is working at ICU as our administrative assistant since 2017.

Wilma: “I take care of all the practical matters for Paul en Jane, like e-mail traffic and news letters, so they can focus their attention on the substantive side of their beautiful work.”

I am on the “spiritual path” myself for about 10 years now. I took the first year of the coach training at ICU and assist at workshops and the coaching training in a practical as well as a substantive way.

If you call or email ICU, now you know what face is on the other side of the screen or phone.

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Ine Tuerlings – trainer ICU

Since my first Getting-Real-workshop (Bevrijding) in 2006 I never stopped on this beautiful path.

I participated in every workshop and took the TPC coach training. Since 2018 I am a ICF certified transpersonal coach.

My heart especially lies in the practical application of A Course in Miracles. I see it as my life mission to bring love and light into the world, by doing, experiencing and standing besides people.

I am working very close to Paul and Jane, assist in workshops and in the Transpersonal coaching training and sometimes I act as their co-trainer. Also I provide Intervision days for (ex-)TPC-students.

More about Ine as transpersonal coach>

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Pieter Schols – trainer-in-training ICU

Since I started the workshops and TPC training at ICU, my self image substantially changed. I am much more aware about how I communicate, think and behave. Often that is confronting because it asks of me that I take responsibility for everything I think, say, not say, do and not do. But all the beautiful and liberating experiences which I had on this path also, makes it defenately worthwile.

I believe we now are at a crucial point in time that asks of us a large transformation on a global scale. Everybody is aware of it, consiously or unconsiously.  I want to contribute to this. How that looks like and what is asked of me?  I do not know. So I start where I am at now, as a co-trainer in training. I do this work passionately, with dedication and love.

More about Pieter as transpersonal coach>

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Miranda de Freitas – trainer-in-training ICU

In my training Applied Psychology I learned for the first time about the transpersonal approach and it took me at once. This is what I wanted to work with as a coach and therefore it became my specialization.

In the training Transpersonal Coaching from Paul en Jane I found the deepening and tightening of my knowledge on this field.

Since the beginning of 2018 I am assisting the weekend-workshops and the  TPC-training from ICU. The way of teaching and the training I found to be enormous inspirational. Just like in the workshops, it is the power of the group that makes the individual process of each participant even more effective.

More about Miranda as a transpersonal coach>

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Ineke van den Brom – trainer assistants ICU

From 2009 on I took almost every workshop from ICU and also assisted in them. Especially in the Getting Real workshop (de Bevrijding).

This is a weekend workshop I highly recommend and believe everyone deserves. A lot of people have participated because of my enthousiasm. In addition to that I am in the midst of graduating from the training Transpersonal Coaching at ICU for a while.

Meanwhile I am organizing the Assistants Training together with Miranda and Ine, this gives a lot of energy and fun.

My most important intention in this is to approach everything in humour and lightness. Giving myself and others space to make unabashed mistakes so that we can learn from them with falling and rising up again. And in the meanwhile we do not forget having a lot of fun with eachother.

More about Ineke as transpersonal coach>

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