ONLINE: ‘Going From Fear to Love’, an ACIM Study Group

With Paul and Jane, bi-weekly Tuesday study group, from April 7 to June 30, 2020

Applying the spiritual principles of A Course In Miracles to your own life
In this bi-weekly ACIM study group, you will get an intimate, experiential look at what your personal blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence really are. Together, we will discover how we all manifest and maintain these blocks. And we will discover what, specifically, we think happened that prompted us to create them in the first place.

For whom
This pilot study group is open to anyone with an interest in applying A Course in Miracles principles to any aspect of their lives. No previous knowledge or experience required. We will connect through Zoom video conference calls.

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ONLINE training Transpersonal Coaching, ICF-certified

Start: April 2020
Duration: 2 years

As a Transpersonal Coach, you practice opening up to the wisdom and infinite love within you, creating space for others to tap into their own inner resources.

Level 1 can be taken simply for personal growth or as the prerequisite to completing professional certification.

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ICU School for Transpersonal Growth and Coaching offers intensive, experiential weekend workshops and retreats in The Netherlands, the UK and Canada around emotional healing, relationships, intimacy, spirituality, money and life purpose.

We use a wide range of methods from humanistic and transpersonal psychology, including Gestalt, NLP, bodywork and breathwork, energy constellations and The Work of Byron Katie.

The main inspiration for all of our work are the spiritual principles of A Course In Miracles.

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